Travel tears


Travel tears  acrylic, joint compound, marker, pen on wood  18.5×20 (available)

Forgive the messy background in the main photo, but I’ve been having trouble shooting these textural paintings in a way that properly shows their nooks and crannies. Had to get the light shining down and oblique to the surface. I don’t like manipulating the images much, and these are all just as the camera took them except for cropping.

While making this piece it took a left turn, and I followed it down the rabbit’s hole, as it were. That’s pretty typical of my method, reacting to what comes, but this one ended up leaning somewhat representational and dipping into a surreal kind of thing. Not usually my cup of tea, but what the hell.

On a technical note, these pics were saved using the PNG file format. I opted for no compression, and I hear that less information (color/detail) is compromised when using this method rather than the JPEG file format which favors a smaller file size over image quality. I like how the colors came out (it’s been tough shooting green for some reason), so I think I’ll stick with this method. The only problem is that the PNG files are a bit larger, and when I apply online to shows, etc. they usually require JPEG. Probably best to save for both to cover all bases.

Travel tears

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