overpass/gutter/reflection oil on canvas 25×30

Another piece of the puzzle as far as Iraq imagery goes. Same overpass and bridge as before but from a different direction now. Starting to get really loose with the marks which is a process I’m really enjoying. Lots of oil and a touch of solvent really gets the paint nice and soupy. I also enjoy the many corrections and alterations that have played an increasing role in these latest paintings. I’m finding that errors are the good stuff that can be used in ways that the planned marks cannot. And if the paint is thinned enough, then those missteps show through. Not to beat a dead horse here, but Diebenkorn was the master of this (via Cezanne and Matisse). I’m no Diebenkorn, Cezanne, or Matisse, but it is fun as hell ripping all of them off in order to pay them homage and learn a thing or two about painting. Where would we be without those great minds to guide us?


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