scanner bed collages

This is a series of scanner bed collages (all ~11x15in) that I did one night in the digital print lab using my hands and various objects fished out of the recycle bins. Scanners have  a particular way of creating an image. They don’t capture everything at once like a camera but rather in a slow, sweeping scan, which allows for “repeats”, “smears”, and “glitches” of objects in real time (as opposed to doing that stuff in photoshop). The most enjoyable part of making prints like this is the improvisation. You can make multiple variations of one image in very little time. I think I was able to make about 50 of these prints (most of them duds)  in about 2-3 hours or so, which is pretty quick. The only things you have to watch out for are fingerprints and getting blinded by the scanner head as you try to scan things in. I’m going to make a few more of these in my free time to see what new tricks I can learn. It seems there’s a lot of ways to experiment with these scans.

scanner bed collages

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