Painting Sketch

This is a little sketch done after checking out some images of Anne Gale’s work. She has an amazing ability to make her subject matter(people, mostly) diffuse into the atmosphere around them in such a skillful way. Her paintings remind me of the give and take that occurs at the boundaries of objects. In geology, it’s refered to as weathering, but I don’t necessarily think of surficial deconstruction when I look at her stuff. But maybe that’s part of it. Anyways, I attempted to achieve some of this effect in this painting. Unfortunately, my colors started to get a little muddy and the composition leaves something to be desired. Just a sketch, though, so not a ton of planning went into it. I think I’ll try a few more in this style. I like the idea of using small building blocks to create an image that shows a subject exchanging something with the space around it. Those small exchanges of light and shape, and, at a much smaller scale, matter and energy that are found at the boundaries of all things are fascinating to me.

Painting Sketch

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