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I’m very honored to be included in this unusual and highly talented line-up of artist whose diverse backgrounds include Army helicopter pilot, MLB pitcher, NFL offensive tackle, art educator, and Team USA bobsledder, among others. The Abstract Athlete is the dream child of a VCU professor, Ron Johnson, and his business partner Chris Clemmer. Their idea has morphed into a company that hopes to remove the boundaries between sports and art. Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve never been a sports guy, but I know the value added to my time in the studio and life with daily exercise.

The Abstract Athlete Symposium and Group Show 

Date/Times/Locations: Friday, February 23 / Symposium @ 1pm, Location: Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Facility (319 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220) / Exhibition @ 6-9pm, Location: 1708 Gallery (2401 W Leigh St. Richmond, VA 23220)

Details: A unique group show that includes professional athletes, art educators, and a couple veterans who have benefited from having physical and creative practices in their lives. The symposium, earlier in the day, will allow several members of the roster to share how they’ve been personally affected by combining creative and physical disciplines.

The Abstract Athlete Exhibition will feature artwork by well-known active and retired athletes such as Vernon Davis (NFL – tight end), Brett Tomko (MLB – pitcher), Jay DeMerit (MLS – center back), Larry Sanders (NBA – center/power forward), Hillary Werth (Team USA – bobsledding), Aaron Maybin (NFL – linebacker), Tony Mandarich (NFL – offensive tackle), and Percy King (NFL – defense). Other artists include veteran Alicia Deitz (US Army – helicopter pilot and runner), myself (US Army combat engineer veteran and amateur yogi), and professional artist, art educator, and soccer player Ridley Howard. Links to some of their work can be found here:  http://theabstractathlete.com/speakers/ 

Each artist will contribute 25% of their sales to a charity of their choosing. I have chosen Mission 22, which aims to eliminate veteran suicide. The “22” in Mission 22 comes from the number of veterans who kill themselves each day. It’s a terribly sad epidemic that I have become all too familiar with lately; as are many combat veterans who unexpectedly find out bad news about their battle buddies.

So please come out, see some sports celebs, see some really great art, and help support some good causes!!!

Abstract Athlete Symposium and Show